Frequently Asked Questions

Termite resistant, Cypress is a wonderful choice for your fence line solution because it is so tough and requires very little maintenance.  In addition to being rot-resistant, Cypress contains cypressene, which is a natural chemical deterrent to insects, making the lifespan of this wood longer in comparison to other types of wood. It is also resistant to weather which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The natural resins of this softwood make Cypress a highly durable softwood, and it is sought after for many outdoor uses such as flooring and decking, house framing and fencing.

Redgum is a beautiful timber, but unfortunately it is not resistant to termites.  It also tends to warp, bend or shrink. We want your fence to be of the highest quality, durable and to last for generations, and that is why we choose Cypress over Redgum.

Designing your own fence is very simple.  If you would like to chat about your needs first, please give us a call.  Otherwise, if you just want to get started, we can provide you with a comprehensive and competitive fixed price quote.  To do this:

  • Prepare a simple sketch plan showing all dimensions and angles.  We do need a drawing and not just a description, although a simple hand drawing will do.  
  • Decide how many rails you want. You can choose your kit from the 2 or 3 rail options we have supplied, but we also offer custom kits with 1 or 4 rails on request.
  • Decide your preferred post spacings (ie. rail lengths) from 2.4m (std), 2.7m or 3.0m. Then we can work out the most cost-effective and best-looking option for you.
  • Send an email to sales@sugarwoodbuild.com and make sure you include:
      • Your drawing
      • How many rails you want in your fence
      • Your preferred post spacing
      • If you want the timber rough sawn or dressed
      • Your preferred delivery method
      • Whether you require installation
      • Your best contact phone number.

We will get back to you to confirm receipt of your request, to clarify any details and to keep you up to date on the progress of your great new fence.

Your fence will take approximately 8 weeks from start to delivery. While this time may be shorter depending on the style and length required, we do want to make sure we allow sufficient time to cut the timber to your exact specifications and for the timber to be dressed if requested.

Absolutely!  We design our post and rail kits to be DIY.  They are quick and easy to install and we supply a complete kit for you with installation guides and free technical support if required.

If you are not so keen with DIY, we can install your new fence for you. We endeavor to install your new fence within 4 weeks after completion of the fence and quote this separately.

If for any unforeseen reason we are unable to install ourselves, we will put you in touch with our experienced installation partners – people who will look after your project through to completion.

Just like any wooden fence, after a few years of exposure to the elements, your Cypress fencing may begin to dull and lose the beautiful golden grain appearance it had when it was new.  It may turn a shade of dark grey or may start to show some mould or moss.

If you want to preserve the beautiful golden look you can oil your Cypress fencing every 1-2 years. Taking the time to oil your Cypress fence will renew its’ appearance and protect it from salt spray, rain and anything else mother nature throws at it.  While not essential, it will help reduce the effects of weather on the wood, and therefore minimise the likelihood of warping, cupping and splitting. Undertaking this preventative maintenance will make sure your fence lasts for generations to come!

You can also mix clear wood oils with coloured stains to re-invigorate the natural golden colour of your Cypress fencing.

Our aim at Sugarwood is to build you a fence that lasts for generations. One of the primary reasons why Cypress is considered an excellent wood for fencing is that it is so impervious to rot. While we can’t predict what your fence will go through, we can guarantee that it will last for years, even in wet conditions, with no need for sealing or painting. Of course, if you do seal or paint your Cypress fence, that will make it last even longer.

At Sugarwood Build we take our role in environmental sustainability seriously.  That is why we make sure that all of the Cypress we use is sustainably sourced. We take pride in only using wood that comes from Australian sustainably managed forests – where the forest stewards care for the landscape to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, wildlife, and the trees themselves.  Just like us, these are suppliers that take a long-term view of our environment and are intent on delivering value to you and your family for generations to come.

This is completely a personal preference in relation to design. The difference between two and three rail fencing options is purely aesthetical.