Installation & Care

Installation Options

Having now selected the fence of your choice, the next step is to erect your new investment.  With all Sugarwood Build fencing systems, you have choices on the critical steps of installation.

Do It Yourself

At Sugarwood Build we design our post & rail solutions to be quick and easy to install and for many DIY is the way to go.

We supply a complete kit ready to go, with installation guides and free technical support, to get you underway. Hassle free & cost effective .

Sugarwood Build Installers

At Sugarwood Build we also offer installation. We are available to complete quality and quick installation of your fences and gates, and when we are unable to install ourselves, we will put you in touch with experienced trades – people who will look after your project through to completion.

Cypress Fencing is Low Maintenance

Cypress fencing is a wonderful choice for your fence line solution because it is so durable and requires very little maintenance. 

The wood naturally produces a preservative called cypressene which makes it resistant to termites, corrosion, decay and insects.

What Problems Could I Encounter with my Cypress Fence?

However, just like any wooden fence, after a few years of exposure to the elements, your cypress fencing may begin to dull and lose the beautiful golden grain appearance it had when it was new.  It may turn a shade of dark grey or may start to show some mould or moss.

How Do I Care for my Cypress Fencing?

If you want to preserve the beautiful golden look you can oil your cypress fencing every 1-2 years. Taking the time to oil your Cypress fence will renew its’ appearance and protect it from salt spray, rain and anything else Mother Nature throws at it.   While not essential, it will help reduce the effects of weather on the wood, and therefore minimise the likelihood of warping, cupping and splitting.  Undertaking this preventative maintenance will make sure your fence lasts for generations to come!

There are a number of clear wood oils on the market that you can use, and you can get these from any reputable hardware store. You can also mix clear wood oils with coloured stains to re-invigorate the natural golden colour of your Cypress fencing.

Note though that you can just let your fence grey naturally. This change in colour will not affect the structural reliability or life of the fence. 

​Do you have any questions about choosing or caring for Cypress fencing?

Just give us a call. We’re here to help!