At Sugarwood Build, the fences we create are for YOU!

We have your fencing and gate products, designed and manufactured to suit your needs, your style and your budget. Delivering excellence for your property that you can truly be proud of, we specialise in custom fencing, custom gates and post and rail kits.

But which option is right for your fencing project? That truly depends on your fencing ideas and needs. We would love the chance to help you make your wooden fence ideas come to life and deliver a fence line solution to meet your needs.


Prices quoted on request. We offer two and three rail fencing options, customised with either rough sawn or dressed timber.

Three Rail Fencing - Rough Sawn

We also offer a dressed timber option for $5 extra per metre

Two Rail Fencing - Rough Sawn

We also offer a dressed timber option for $5 extra per metre


Your Fencing Ideas

Joining us at Sugarwood Build means you have the freedom to share your fencing ideas. We love hearing your visions and will work with you to create fencing designs that not only meets your needs, but which also reflects your unique personal style. This fence is all about you!

Cypress Fencing

Your fence from Sugarwood Build will be made with beautiful Cypress pine. Cypress pine has rich earthy tones of gold, yellow and brown and an incredibly gorgeous grain. Not only is it ornamental, cypress fencing is one of the best types of wood for fencing because it is durable and repellant to both insects and decay. Cypress fencing is a very wise choice for those seeking a long-lasting and appealing fence line solution.

Sustainable Sourced Fencing

When you work with us you can feel good knowing that the Cypress in your fence is sustainably sourced. We take pride in only using wood that comes from sustainably managed forests – where the forest stewards care for the landscape to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, wildlife, and the trees themselves. Just like us, these are suppliers that take a long-term view of our environment and are intent on delivering value to you and your family for generations to come.


Custom Gates

Gates serve more than just a functional purpose. They welcome people to your property and send a clear about your personal style.

At Sugarwood Build, all our gates are handcrafted to suit your needs, your style and your budget.

We love to design and create stunning yet practical wooden gates from a range of timbers to suit your needs whether it be your garden, driveway or paddock. From grand and graceful to country and contemporary, we build all our gates to last and not to mention making an attractive addition to your home’s landscape.

We are here to deliver a gate that you can truly be proud of.

So what style of gate do you choose? That depends on any existing fencing you may have, but more importantly, on your gate ideas and needs.

Designing Your Gate

We will be more than happy to replicate a gate you have chosen, or we would love to collaborate with you to design something Just for you.

If you would like to design a new gate, then the first step is to determine the size. It’s important to know exactly how big your gate, or gates, need to be. This will help decide if double or single gates will work best.

We do advise clients to keep single gates no wider than 3.6 meters across and if the distance is greater, we suggest that double gates are a better option.

We also offer small wooden gates that lead into your garden that’s less than a metre wide.

To create your gate, we use the Mortise and Tenon joins as well as bolted construction. Both these processes are proven to ensure your gate will last in its original shape for many years to come.

Our gates can all be fitted with an automated opening system for convenience – solar or mains powered. We can quote, supply and fit automated systems on request.

Hardwood And Softwood Options for Gates

We use a range of Australian hardwoods. Australian hardwood combines the attributes of strength and durability and is not prone to rotting or warping. This makes it an excellent choice for farm gates.

Types of Hardwood we offer
White mahogany is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a high degree of natural durability and strength. It is termite resistant and the sapwood can be easily treated with preservatives.

Kiln Dried Hardwood, or KD Hardwood, is a strong, durable timber which is not subject to warping or twisting. Grown in Australia and harvested in Victoria under Government regulations, it is a sustainable timber with a straight grain and consistent colour. KD Hardwood is pale pink to straw in colour.

Blackbutt, Eucalyptus Pilularis is an Australian hardwood that is commonly used for structural and exterior applications. Not only is Blackbutt dense it is very stable, ensuring minimal unwanted twisting and warping. The Heartwood is pale brown, but northern material may sometimes display a slight pinkish tinge.

Softwood Options

Design Pine is manufactured from environmentally friendly sustainable plantation grown Radiata pine. Through the manufacturing process all the natural features and defects which may induce the timber to bow or twist are removed. The removal of the all visible natural defects reduces the risk of resin bleed and other impurities coming to the surface for the life of the product.

Cypress Macrocarpan. In addition to making an attractive addition to your home’s landscape, Cypress is both strong and durable with exceptionally low shrinkage. The wood naturally produces a preservative called cypressene, which makes its heartwood resistant to corrosion, decay and insects and is termite resistant.
Whatever gate you select, you can be confident it will be made to the highest standards and will be a gate you will be proud of for many years to come.



When your new fence is ready to install you have the choice to either DIY or use one of our recommended installers.  Read more about the installation options here.


Cypress fencing is a durable and requires very little maintenance.  However after a few years of exposure to the elements it may dull, and so regular preventative maintenance is recommended.  Find out more about caring for your Cypress fence here.